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Thank you Chilli Dealer for sharing your fab chilli growing progress. Your Scotch Bonnets, Ghost Pepper and Bubblegum 7 Pots are growing like mad, enjoying a nice drink from the Quadgrows 30 Litre reservoir.

Super Growth In 4 Weeks! Ray Dunnett’s Tomatoes have come a long way in just 4 weeks in his Quadgrow Planter. Thanks to the Quadgrow’s SmartReservoir, Ray’s tomato plants roots can take water up as and when they need it, meaning his plants will grow stronger and healthier because there’s no risk of erratic watering which can often cause root rot, split fruit and blossom end rot!

Quadgrow Jungle Alert: After 4 weeks in the Quadgrow, Kevin Hawkes tomatoes have had some incredible growth. We just hope Kevin doesn’t get lost in his massive tomato plants!

Heefy's Chillies germinating beautifully in his Electric Propagator

Chillies in Darren S' Vitopod Propagator

Dean Finlay's incredible chilli lab

Customer Quadgrow Update: Thank you Michael Loughrey for keeping us up-to-date with your Black Russian tomato plants! They have made outstanding progress in just 4 weeks and his plant is full of fabulous tomatoes. When ripe, these tomatoes turn a stunning dark mahogany colour and has a tasty smoky flavour.

Customer Update: Thanks to Dusty Mears for this super photo of tomatoes thriving in her Quadgrow! Dusty you've made our Gardening Angels smile saying Quadgrows are "the best thing ever!" Our award-winning planter holiday-proofs your plants, keeping them perfectly watered for up to 10 days at a time. Did we mention it also produces 2x bigger harvests than pots & growbags?!

Duogrow Success: “I’ve been itching to try it out this season, and bloomin ‘eck they are good!” Lovely words from Liz Ninja Wanden, who has been eagerly waiting to try out her gorgeous Duogrow Planter. Just look at her impressive results so far!

Fantastic Final Chilli Harvest! Huge thanks to Anja Egeriis for all her outstanding chilli photos this season! Are you ready to be a chilli champion like Anja? Read our chilli guides!…/how-to-grow-chillies/