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с чем сочетать мятный цвет: 11 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

KITCHEN COLOR PALETTE: color combination: teal/aqua, lime green and green These! Teal, lime green and grey!

Color palettes of possibilities.

9 Designer Color Palettes

2011 Color Palettes from Better Homes and Gardens. Lots of good paint colors/room color schemes.

combinaison de couleur

color combos for coordinating clothes for family pictures - good to know for all those jackasses who take family photos wearing the same shirt.

Ok these are my wedding colors...Sky Blue, Sea foam, Light Aqua, Buttercream Yellow, Pink, and white!!! Yay, I love these colors. :) They scream Emily to me.

(that is if Ryan is on board with them... and as long as we aren't getting married in winter.)

Poppies and Tea Party decor. Keep colours light & pastel. Pink, Orange, White, Yellow and Baby Blue

color pallet for-the-home-diy. Take a photo of nature and use as a color pallet. Would be nice natural christmas colors

color pallet for-the-home-diy. Take a photo of nature and use as a color pallet~great idea~these are MY colors!

2, innocently sitting there, vibrant in their contrast against the rusticly summer blue. love it.

A beach inspired color pallet doesn't have to be all neutral shades. Instead, use the mild colors to show-off your bolder colors. These brights are a great example. - another one for the beach house