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Borax snowflakes, fun! She also talks about having a hot chocolate party outdoors with the children. Very nice and smart!

Parentsfrom Parents

Cool Science for Kids: Growing Crystals

Cool Science for Kids: Growing Crystals (pipe cleaners, borax and hot water) in the shape of their name or snowflakes, starbursts.


Cloud Jars

Cloud Jars. A spectacular (but super easy!) activity that will have your class hooked. Use in conjunction with weather units etc.

Housing a Forestfrom Housing a Forest

Borax Crystal Shamrocks

Shamrock crystals - but you could make these as hearts, Christmas trees... (lots of great kid's crafts and science experiments on this site.)

I Can Teach My Child!from I Can Teach My Child!

Making It Rain

Kids would "get" the water cycle SO MUCH more if they did THIS instead of just read about it in a text book!! ...and so simple.

The 'Walking' Water Experiment - Great easy science experiment that shows how water travels and then how colors mix to create new colors.

Crystal Snowflakes overnightout of Borax 1. Form your pipe cleaners into a snowflake shape or whatever shape you desire, while you boil water. 2. Add water to your mason jars. 3. Mix in borax. Stir it but don't worry if it isn't completely dissolved. 4. Attach your pipe cleaner shape to the string and hang it from the pen/pencil while submerging it in your jar. Leave overnight.

Little Bins for Little Handsfrom Little Bins for Little Hands

Crystal Snowflake Ornaments Science Made With Borax

Crystal Snowflake Ornament Science Activity for Kids


How Clouds Form

How Clouds Form Worksheet-- could be helpful during the water cycle unit (with modifications) Educationfrom Education

How to Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball

Make your own bouncy balls from scratch. Just borax and corn starch! This is a ridiculously cool science experiment.

Making Crystals w/Borax. I made this with my Kindergarteners one year, but completely forgot about it. They turn out so cool!

Playdough To Platofrom Playdough To Plato

Skittles Rainbow

Awesome science activity for kids! Learn about density with this easy Skittles science experiment. {Playdough to Plato}