Tkaro Portable Bottle | 25.00

Glass Water Bottle Tkaro by Kai Fejér

Kleen Kanteen - reflect w/ bamboo top! I personally believe these are the best drinking canisters. Here is the link:

Klean Kanteen Polished Stainless-Steel Reflect Water Bottle with Bamboo Cap - 27 fl.

Eco Glass Water Bottle. Would love to keep this next to my bed.

for sale en Florenzza

Good For You And The Planet | AHAlife

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The Swell stainless steel water bottle is an eco-friendly and elegant way to get your daily water. Shop appliances and accessories at AHAlife.

Glass water bottle. Dishwasher safe

Takeya :: Glass Water Bottles (eye have the one in light blue :)

16 oz. Retap Water Bottle

Blue 16 oz. Retap Water Bottle

Retap Water Bottle- his eco-friendly bottle is made from durable borosilicate glass so it resists breaking, and comes with a leak-proof silicone cap- The Container Store

AquaOvo eco-thermal glass vessel

AquaOvo eco-thermal glass vessel- my everyday tea mug at work.

Water bottle – Jasper Morrison Shop ($20-50) - Svpply

Water bottle I Jasper Morisson.

Simply Red Water Bottle/Cup | Daily deals for moms, babies and kids

Wide mouthed vessel, a white screw-on drinking lid, and a distinctly shaped cap that, when assembled, create the ultimate drinking cup.

MONTHLY SPECIAL - SS Water Dispenser - 8.8 L / 2.3 gal.

An excellent multi-use stationary stainless steel liquid dispenser - also comes in a smaller size.

FEED for Target Acrylic Water Bottle

FEED for Target Acrylic Water Bottle

Creative and clever coffee mug designs

Creative and clever coffee mug designs

Weightless Coffee Mugs : zero gravity cup

Stainless Steel Dispenser 10 L (2.6 gal.) by Life Without Plastic

A sleek, high quality stainless steel dispenser that is a great mid-sized countertop dispenser for a small family, and works well for picnics, camping and canoe trips.

Make your own infused bottled beverage...This is a great gift idea.

Citrus Zinger-infuse your water with this built in juicer water bottle

Large glass water bottle in wooden crate. by myretromenagerie, $50.00 Messages in a Bottle

Large glass water bottle in wooden crate. Beautiful blue glass

Large glass water bottle in wooden crate. by myretromenagerie

不算創新卻是人人需要,中段可旋開的保溫瓶 ALEX Bottle | 癮科技

不算創新卻是人人需要,中段可旋開的保溫瓶 ALEX Bottle

ALEX Bottle is raising funds for ALEX Bottle: Twist Open. on Kickstarter! ALEX unscrews in the middle for easy cleaning, compacts small for storage, holds and can be beautifully customized.