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❥ Les Createurs de La Mode 1910 - 1 - Callot Sisters Salon Absolutely gorgeous elegant.

"Hush," he said, stopping in his tracks and holding up his hand. I bumped into his arm and glared at him. "Why are we-" "Look." His voice was a whisper as he pointed ahead of us to a small lake that had appeared. A surreal figure was crouched on a tree that had long ago fallen into the water. She knelt as if speaking to the still waters, her hand reaching out to touch the mirror-like surface.

L’étoile montante, Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo à l’écran), à la recherche d’un rôle Robe et minicape en mousseline brodée et sandales, Dior, cape en renard, Yves Salomon, bagues, Gucci.

At first glance, even the woman's face looks like smoke, so seamless is the composition | |Kazuaki Art Works

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

A very dolce vita: Claudia Cardinale in pictures

Advertisers often use sex to promote their products, even if the product has little or nothing to do with sex. In the tobacco industry, sex was used to get the subject away from the harmful effects of tobacco and on to something more appealing. The same goes for ads today.

The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience

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Digital Vintage Gypsy Photo Reprint

The Gypsies are a close-knit communal people who have a shared background, but are scattered throughout the world. Their origins have been the subject of controversy throughout the centuries, but in modern times, we have discovered, from research into their language, that the gypsies originated in Northern India, from whence they spread throughout Europe and the Middle East.

A Ziegfeld Girl with her smoking boudoir doll. One of my all-time favorite photos.