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I've used both Samsung and apple and like both for different reasons, just found this funny. No hate

What Apple Really Invented

You will be surprised just how many things at Apple came from other places. Yet another reason why Apple sucks.

attraper des pommes? ... très populaire après des américains #escherpe

15 Fantastic Halloween Party Games

Christmas DIY: fall party complete fall party complete with family games and menu- they had to come up with something different.imagine bobbing for the same apple that someone bit off.Never thought of that stuff as a kid!

I would love love love to have a picture similar to this. I want all the little ones to be a part of the wedding!

The 22 Craziest and Most Creative Wedding Photos Ever

42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Want To Steal.picture with our kids

Cute! I plan to do this with our ring bearer and have him cover the eyes of our baby flower girl :)

30 Fun Bridal Party Photos

One of my new favorite poses for Flower girl and Ring Bearer Wedding picture ideas

da Vinci PC/ this made me laugh, love it.

"The Creation of The Internet". Parody of "Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo Fresco painting. x Located at the Sistine Chapel. I thought this parody was a funny modern interpolation of such a famous piece.

Low Fat Stevia Banana Bread from Food.com:   								I love banana bread and this is an easy, healthy version that my family really enjoys.  One tip - if you're bananas aren't ripe enough for banana bread just pop them in the oven (in the peel) until they darken up. It brings out the sugars and gives them that sweet flavor needed for great banana bread.

Low Fat Stevia Banana Bread

Low Fat Stevia Banana Bread (Use sprouted wheat or sprouted spelt flour. Use egg whites if you want even lower fat count.) This is an E because there are only gm fat per slice.

Cheese & Carrot "Coins" made with mini cookie cutters. If you want kids to eat more veggies then make it fun. These coins would be good for snacks or lunchboxes. Also use for cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, toast.

September Home Party - "Teddy Bear Day": Cheese & Carrot Coins - a great way to get our kids eat veggies