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    ...we truly are fortunate!

    • Pam Robertson

      Inspirational quote - If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of the world... *Be thankful for what you DO have. :)

    • Britt Eichmann

      Be thankful for the life you have. We live in a blessed country, with more chances for success than most. Take advantage of what you have and help make someone else's life just as wonderful.

    • Colbi Lyn Love

      Take a moment to stop and realize how many blessings you truly have in life and show thanks. Just some food for thought through this inspirational quote image.

    • Wendy Lea

      The fact that you have access to reading this means you are among the few who are SUPER blessed to be living a life of luxury!

    • Francine Zoia

      Please please PLEASE take this into account people! It's so true! We may have debts, and large stacks of bills, a broken washing machine to fix, but we are not in a third world country living in a shack, begging for food, drinking contaminated water and all with no education. Be thankful for your life.

    • Pauline Cabrera

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    • Alfred Mondo

      My Life. I value the life that I am currently living , I'm always thankful for the things I have more than I wish for the things I don't have. A person should always remember that no matter how unhappy you are with your life there is another person who wishes to live this life.

    • Success Guide

      You're fortunate #quotes #inspiration #motivation #wise sayings #wisdom

    • Sabinchi

      #quotes #inspiration #life #truth

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