Two paragraphs into this WSJ review of the Tesla electric car and I already wanted it.

Tesla Model S P85+

This Tesla Model S is one of the 'top 5 cars' which the richest Americans are buying today! Hit the pic to see the cars the top 1% buy!

Tesla Model S Driver's Seat #Tesla #Cars


Tesla Model S Receives Flawless Safety Score From NHTSA, Breaks Testing Machine

Tesla Model S Interior. For more, check out:

Tesla Electric Car - saw one on the fwy today, absolutely beautiful styling kudos to Tesla designers.

Tesla Model X Ferrari For more:

Kevin Rose Leaks Photos of Tesla Model S Electric Car : TreeHugger

Tesla model S - Move over Aston Martin, this is technology at its finest

The 2014 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG has recently landed on our shores and it is one of the most sought vehicles today.

Tesla Model S. Electric

The Tesla Model S just earned the highest safety rating ever >> I love this car!

Tesla Model S P85D - Outstanding fuel efficiency with Lamborghini Aventador levels of horsepower. Check it out here!

Tesla's much-anticipated somewhat affordable electric car will be called the Model 3.

Zenvo ST1