I Am Silent, Hear Me Roar

by Dan Neil
It doesn't snarl like a Lamborghini, but Tesla's new Model S is no eat-your-broccoli all-electric car, says Dan Neil—more like eat-up-the-pavement-while-grinning-ear-to-ear
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Glass Pot--I have never coveted a pot more than this one.

Hasegawa Ladders

Hasegawa Ladders

Lucano 3-Step Red

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Linen Towels by Goodlinens

Donabe by Toiro for Clay Pot Cooking "Donable is to Japan what Paella is to Spain." Beautiful tradition and handcraft too.

Thigh-High Hosiery from Vienne Milano

Womens Loungewear by PJ Harlow, Silky Pajamas for Women

Two paragraphs into this WSJ review of the Tesla electric car and I already wanted it.

A voice message turned into beautiful art. Voice Art Gallery Custom Sound Wave Art

Voice Art Gallery Custom Sound Wave Art

Can't tell you how much I love my Palomino sharpener. One barrel for the wood and the other to sharpen the lead. I want two of these.

Irish linen table runners for a modern aesthetic. Straight from Dublin and handcrafted. Jennifer Slattery.

I am pretty compelled by the testimonials about Hoopnotica. Always looking for away to make exercise more fun.

Sushi Post-It Notes. Kind of a must have desk accessory. I want it !!!!

Glasses Case, The Zakka

A cutting board that weighs...holy awesomeness, Batman!

Worker B Beeswax Skincare

TAXI wallet...love the print on the leather, and the functionality

I really want to have a 3-D printer. This is a Kickstartr project.

kate spade walker park tate bag

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I really love this bracelet