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EXCLUSIVE - CADDELL: Taxes and Trust - The Achilles Heels of Obamacare and Obama, Part II

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Natasha Fatale on


50 Dangers from Obamacare ... If you really know what all of the policies are in Obamacare---research a little more if you will. Not anything good.

Health-care reform doing more harm than good: In truth, the real number of newly insured people is unknown because the report cited does not distinguish between those who truly had no medical insurance prior to the ACA, and those who merely switched policies or had been kicked off their existing policies due to ObamaCare. (Remember that whopper about "You can keep your health insurance! Period?" Yeah, I can't believe we bought it, either.)

Nothing is fair about Obamacare. Obama seems to think Obamacare is great. That is what he keeps telling us, but then exempts himself and his family plus federal employees and their families!! Instead, I think Obama, and members of Congress and the House should all get Obamacare, and we should get the health care that they have been getting!!