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  • The Heartland Institute

    America’s Health Care in Crisis: Fighting Back Against Obamacare

  • Sandy Bianco

    ObamaCare Funding Battle Pits Tea Party Against Establishment GOP: Excerpted from The Hill: The latest fight between Tea Party and establishment Republicans is a familiar one: ObamaCare. The Tea Party is ready to take a stand on defunding the divisive healthcare law and willing to risk a government shutdown in the process. Establishment Republicans worry the strategy will repeat the Clinton-era government shutdown showdown[...]7/27

  • artsy Chica

    The people claiming that Obamacare is a bad deal for Louisiana families aren't actually residents of the state. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D), who is up against three Republican challengers for her seat in Louisiana, is facing renewed attacks this week over her support for the Affordable Care Act. The Koch-backed group Americans for Prosperity is out with a new ad with paid actors

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We need every Republican, Libritarian, Constitution Party member and Tea Party member to get involved in politics. We need to unite in one party.

Obamacare - ask any healthcare provider and they will tell you Obamacare is neither affordable or good for you or the industry.

Learn more: Understanding Obamacare’s $716 Billion in Cuts to Medicare - March 22, 2013

Go to this site and sign the petition for Ben Carson to run in 2016! If we make it till then... OR text SIGN to 1202-760-2795 to sign from your phone. The reality of #obamacare

Obamacare. There will be no Dr's. Then they will pass a law mandating you go to school to be a Dr. How moronic is that

.... and it's just warming up - Doctors are closing their offices that means those that work for the doctor are out of a job!

No, Obamacare Might Not Cover Your Preexisting Condition... and you very well may lose your doctor at a crucial time!

Defund & Repeal Obamacare. If it isn't good enough for President Obama and his family, and if Congress and their staffers shouldn't be "penalized by it," then it isn't good enough for the rest of "We the people." Why doesn't Senator Reid understand that simple fact?

Hospital Layoffs Planned Ahead Of ObamaCare Implementation...This move marks the hospital’s first major layoff in more than a decade, Sheil explained, placing much of the blame on the dreadful and largely unknown consequences of the soon-to-be-implemented ObamaCare law. Layoffs will affect employees at all levels, she noted, explaining that staff members up to and including doctors might find their position on the chopping block.

Hundreds of Thousands Losing Insurance Because of ObamaCare10/23 // This stack is the ACA "law" written by non-healthcare, non-insurance company pencil pushers (or keyboard tappers) with no input from any Doctors, nurses, or citizens. Disgraceful! Remember, none of the Congress (except a few Repubs) read this 2,000+ monstrosity!

Doctors In Revolt Over Obamacare Want To Be Paid Like Mechanics, Plumbers, Hairdressers