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  • Amy Hendrix

    Former Navy SEAL Launches PAC To Fight Obama.Obama has exposed the identity of special operations units, leaked classified information,& limited the rules of engagement of forces on the ground,” said Mr. Zinke. Mr. Zinke was a member of SEAL Team Six, the elite unit that killed Bin Laden, from 1990-1993& from 1996-1999. He held several titles including Task Force Commander. What Obama did is appauling!!

  • Sharon Agregaard

    Seal Commander Says Special Operations Assault On Obama Has Begun! | Friends Of Liberty

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Navy SEAL Hands Obama His Ass. "YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE NAVY SEALS. YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE MILITARY MAN, AND you SHALL NOT claim as your prize that which you have not earned. The Navy SEALS are NOT a campaign slogan to be bantered about for play. Nor are Our accomplishments, including the demise of Osama Bin Laden, are not yours to claim." ~ Benjamin Smith

A member of SEAL Team 5 covers his team mates as they are extracted by members of Navy Special Boat Unit 22

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Navy SEAL Ben Smith's letter to Obama: "Your every action betrays the fact that in your soul you do not understand what it is to be an American, not what America truly is. Your agenda from the beginning has been to get rid of and kill everything that is and ever was American. You who so easily dismisses America’s greatness and bows to foreigners… " read more

Navy Seal.. They are awesome! I get to work with them on a daily basis.


Over 25 SEALs Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Now Dead | Accidents and now a suicide. Too friggin coinky dink if you ask me. What are the odds.. SERIOUSLY.. !!

And he's not alone in his thinking.. NOTE. They make such a big deal over the deserter but not those other Marines and the Seal Team 6 that died in service of our country.

God Bless America and God Bless Our Navy SEALS

SEAL Team VI Family: 'Obama’s Rules Are Getting Our Warriors Killed' Pinko in chief HATES the military and the freedom they stand for, but he is fine with home grown terrorists like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorr killing cops and setting off car bombs. Time to export ALL commies and muzzies NOW!