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    Ryan Zinke - X Navy Seal Forms PAC to Unseat Obama - "The President Failed"

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      ~~ Ryan Zinke in his Navy days. Former Navy SEAL Team Six Commander Says Special Ops Assault on Obama Is Just Beginning :: “I think there is huge concern that the administration is using and continues to leak class documents for less than–well, for political gain"

    • 101.9 Talk FM

      President's policies hurting our military?: Former Navy SEAL Team 6 member and Montana Sen. Ryan Zinke explains.

    • Bobbi Shapiro

      Ryan Zinke. Served our country first as a Navy Seal for 23 years, then as a US Congressman from Montana. Formed a Super Pac to try to prevent the re-election of Osama Hussein Obama

    • Jann Deane

      For those who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, it is a call of duty to take back America from a Commander-in-Chief that is incapable of understanding the sacrifices that have been made for the values that have made America great. ~Ryan Zinke, former Navy Seal

    • Pam Runge

      Former Navy SEAL Team Six Commander Says Special Ops Assault on Obama Is Just Beginning! They were called Cowards by the Dems.

    • Beverly Miller

      Former Navy SEAL Launches PAC To Fight Obama. Obama has exposed the identity of special operations units, leaked classified information, and limited the rules of engagement of forces on the ground,” said Mr. Zinke. Mr. Zinke was a member of SEAL Team Six, the elite unit that killed Bin Laden, from 1990 until 1993 and from 1996 until 1999. He held several titles including Task Force Commander.

    • Libby Clark

      Former Navy SEAL Team Six Commander Says Special Ops Assault on Obama Is Just Beginning | Politicker

    • Patriot Dreams

      Former Navy SEAL Launches PAC To Fight Obama || Remember, Obama's bragging, loose lips may be directly responsible for the deaths of Seal Team 6 members in August 2011, who were publicly identified when Obama boasted about Osama bin Laden's death.

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    WATCH - Navy Seal Team 6 Families Press Conference Exposes Obama/Pentagon Complicity In Deaths, Desecration Of Bodies By Muslim Cleric

    SEAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Best Known For Finding & Then Killing Osama Bin Laden Commits Suicide. 25 members of the team who allegedly killed Bin Laden are dead. No conspiracy theory there. Just the facts. You decide. 04-29-2013 // I don't buy the suicide story.

    Matthew Axelson. The 3rd Seal killed in "Operation Red Wings" in Afghanistan. Marcus Luttrell was the 4th Seal that lived and wrote a VERY good book about Operation Red Wings called "Lone Survivor". One of the best books you will ever read.

    You don't speak for me or any American military man because though you may be Commander in Chief, you're not the man to whom we point our sons & say “This is the American dream, this is American exceptionalism, this is what I wish for your future”, because you Sir are NONE of these things.YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR ME. YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR THE NAVY SEALS. YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR THE MILITARY MAN & you SHALL NOT claim as your prize that which you have not earned. DO NOT speak for me. Benjamin Smith

    Navy SEAL Chris Heben was shot in the stomach in a parking lot at 5 PM yesterday by "3 gangbangers" according to his Facebook. He put a finger in the bullet hole and chased them to get a vehicle description, then drove himself to the hospital. **could be an assignation attempt **

    Counting the 3 former NAVY SEALS killed in Benghazi on 9/11, HOW MANY does that bring to Obama's SEAL KILL NUMBER??? Counting the "nearly 2 dozen" - including the vaunted SEAL TEAM 6 [credited with killing bin Laden] killed in Afghanistan within a couple of months of being "outed" by Obama, that brings Obama's SEAL [MILITARY] DEATH COUNT to nearly 30 that we know of...

    U.S. Navy Seals | Silent heroes who walk in courage and humility to pay the price for our freedom. @

    SEALS. "Bow to NO ONE."

    Obama bowing before a Muslim king. Obama talking about his Muslim family. Obama quoting from the Koran. Obama defending Islam. Obama visiting a Mosque. And many more clips of Obama and his Muslim connections.

    ▶ Families of Seal Team 6 Blame Obama & Administration - Parents Slam Obama & Admin - YouTube

    So LOVE this!!

    Ronald Reagan.

    Former Navy SEAL Team Six Commander Says Special Ops Assault on Obama Is Just Beginning

    How much does Obama cherish this country & its military that fought & died for us? In all the years since D-Day1945, there are only 3 occasions when a president FAILED TO GO to the D-Day Monument honoring soldiers killed during the invasion. 1.Barack Obama 2010 2.Barack Obama 2011 3.Barack Obama 2012 For the past 68 yrs, all presidents EXCEPT Obama have paid tribute to the fallen soldiers. Instead, he made a campaign trip on Air Force 1 to CA to raise campaign funds. NOT VERY PRESIDENTIAL!!!

    Obama betrayed Seal Team Six

    Obama's military contempt: U.S. Army Lieutenant Sentenced To 20 Years In Ft. Leavenworth For Killing Taliban Scouts About to Ambush his platoon!.. THIS IS JUST WRONG!

    ....BO, the worst EVER... I will make any wager that the President of the United States spent more time following the trial of George Zimmerman than he did as Commander in Chief following the death of two SEALS and two State Dept employees in Benghazi. The President has spoken often about what a sweet child Trayvon was. The four deaths in Benghazi were just "bumps in the road." But really, "what difference, at this point, does it matter?"

    What happened? Somehow this slipped away. WE THE PEOPLE need to re-establish our FOUNDING PRINCIPLES. We can't do it with OBAMA. He is a COMMUNIST.

    George Washington made May 17th a day to repent to God and pray for His providence in America. Please do the same and repin! The prayer he said --->