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    No seatbelts and big back seats to sleep in.

    Twirly Flying Propeller Rotor Toy by The Original Toy Company. $9.18. Age 3+.Satisfaction EnsuredDesign is stylish and innovative.Functionality that is Unbeatable.1.2 x 8.4 x 11.6 inches ; 3.4 ounces - 2 pounds

    This is one way that I actually rode in a car as a kid.....I'm sure lots of kids did.

    Remember the ropes! PE

    Wasn't life grand before those annoying seat belt laws? And I remember car seats for babies that were basically just liitle shelf seats that hooked over the top of the bench seat, made like the seat of a baby swing.

    Taking that little extra time in the morning to get the perfect peg on your jeans. | 50 Things Only '80s Kids Can Understand. Ahhh yes...those were the days....It was a process!

    Figure it out for yourself.

    Do you remember sitting like this? Seat belts ended these days!

    Station wagons with no seat belts. We were free to roam.

    Still on the scene: scrunchies.

    The days.

    Do you remember putting Garfield on your car window..

    1970's Grocery Cart With Vintage Food, the side folded down at the checkout, so food could easily be loaded onto the belt. I would ride underneath.

    sanitary belts. Thank goodness for technology! lol

    Summertime meant we slept with the windows open listening to a box fan running. Or at my grandparents house with the windows open and the attic fan running....that was the best! :)

    Black & White Television. Watching the moon landing. That was a big deal.

    The one and only Big Wheel. This may be the greatest boy's toy ever invented.

    Vintage Retro 1950's 60's Infant Seat Never Used Very RARE Great Colors | eBay

    Going for Sunday drives, when no stores use to be open. Then we visited with family and relaxed at home. No seat belts back then.