No seatbelts and big back seats to sleep in.

What's a cars seat?

This is one way that I actually rode in a car as a kid.....I'm sure lots of kids did.

banana seats

we never wore shoes back in those days

The fun of talking on an old fashioned phone... kids from today will never know... The longer the telephone cord, the better!

Figure it out for yourself.

sanitary belts. Thank goodness for technology! lol

Playing light as a feather stiff as a board at sleep overs.

Dr. Scholl's 'Original' Sandal | Nordstrom

Station wagons with no seat belts. We were free to roam.

There might be one of these standing next to your Easter basket in the 70s...

Station wagons ... and no seat belts!

The days.

Yep, this was all that stood between us and the big bad boogie man on summer nights...

The Carol Burnett show

Vent windows on cars...i remember these!

vintage standing tv dinner trays..when my sister moved she gave these to me... We still use them to this day...

Remember the ropes! PE

Still on the scene: scrunchies.

The 80's kids... That it’s perfectly acceptable to wear neon spandex biker shorts with just a T-shirt to school. I miss those days! Lol