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At dawn we attack! Horse and rider? (Chihuahua and monster dog Leonberger) This is so aurora and new pup George

Do that again & I'll turn you into a Sphinx cat, you condescending dog!

I love cat gifs and dog gifs. Funny Cats, Cute Cats, all the time.Big animals gif lover too.

Must give some love

Funny pictures about Dog Lover. Oh, and cool pics about Dog Lover. Also, Dog Lover photos.

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We're never fully dressed without a smile—and these dogs have the uncanny ability to smile just like a person! Check out these adorable cheese teeth portraits. Are you ready? Say "cheese!

Chihuahua puppy, looks like my grown up baby

Chihuahua in a martini glass. My mother named our second Chihuahua, Martini, because she could fit in a martini glass.

I love head tilt like they hear you, but do not understand! Cute!

Fun Claw - Funny Cats, Funny Dogs, Funny Animals: Funny Dog Pictures - 20 Pics -- So cute! The look on that dog's face!

I see that you haz cheese sammich... and I haz no cheeze sammich.

Incorrect way: I see that you haz cheese sammich.and I has no cheese sammich Correct way: I see you have a cheese sandwich and I have no cheese sandwich. The sentence misspells have and sandwich.

We dare you to look at this list of the happiest dogs with the biggest smiles and not break into a big grin yourself.

Moose the Shar Pei. There's a Shar Pei where I volunteer and he's sooo cute! I think he's still a puppy; he's pretty tiny. But very grumpy.