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    Last of the Thymelords.

    • Elizabeth H

      Yes please! > Doctor Who - 10th Doctor David Tennant In Trenchcoat Cut Out Standee - TV / Movie - Dr. Who - - Popcultcha

    • Gwendolyn Jones

      The 10th Doctor - David Tennant - Dr Who Trust Me I'm A Doctor ~~~ a Cutout Via

    • Kelly Kravitz

      The Tenth Doctor Life Size Standee - Dr Who Theme Cardboard Cutout: Toys & Games

    • Will Anderson


    • Mary Kelly

      Doctor Who - Specifically the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. Hottest Doctor, EVER

    • Ashley A.

      $17 Doctor Who Tabletop (David Tenant)- Tabletop Cardboard Cutout / Standee

    • Katie

      Doctor Who: Standee: The 10th Doctor - Proud to say, I own one of these!

    • Mel

      The Doctor Life Size Standee - Dr Who Theme Cardboard Cutout Image

    • Pnina Pearl

      HAHAHA. Last of the THYME-lords... that's a good one. #doctorwho

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    Wardrobe swap. Poor Eleven. Lol. Doctor Who.

    They are a noble race, the timelords, proud and strong are they. They are serious in every matter, aand there's Matt Smith.

    It absolutely cracked me up that Mark Sheppard is always his usual British self on every other show I've seen him in... But on Doctor Who he plays an American!

    I love how Dr. Who explains this crap in the episodes. They don't actually wanna take the time to really explain how it works or why it works or how it's made, so we get gems like, "It goes ding when there's stuff."

    Doctor Who humor. My exact reaction when Donna said that. I mean come on... it's David Tennant after all ;*

    Must it always end this way? xD

    Whenever the Doctor sees himself he usually cycles between insulting himself and becoming his new best friend.

    Doctor and Rory - Doctor Who! I never thought about this before. At first, I though, "No, the Doctor is-wait no, no that's right, Rory is older"

    Ladies Doctor Who Zip Up Hoodie: Non 80s TV Shows: Doctor Who

    Ladies Doctor Who Zip Up Hoodie: Non 80s TV Shows: Doctor Who

    Ladies 11th Doctor Who Shirt: Doctor Who Juniors T-shirt

    He carried the 2012 Olympic Torch | Community Post: 11 Reasons Matt Smith Is Cooler Than You.... OMW this means that the DR. WHO timeline is still there!!!!! The doctor carried the torch!!!!


    His face! XD

    Doctor Who - Bahahahaha

    "How to Be a Tourist" by Ron Swanson // Needs to be a thing


    Haha love Ryan gosling. He looks so flattered/ that's possible I don't know