Taco Cups

These fun Crunchy Taco Cups are made in a muffin tin with wonton wrappers!  Great for a taco party/bar. Everyone can add their own ingredients and toppings! Crunchy, delicious, and fun to eat!

pioneer woman does it again. yum.

Amazing: Mini Mexican Pizzas - 3-4 large tortilla’s, 1 cup cooked lean ground turkey, 1/2 cup salsa, 2 tsp dry taco seasoning, 1/2 cup low fat refried beans, 1/2 cup low fat shredded cheese

Mini Deep Dish Pizza! YUM!

Taco Pizza Pizza crust topped with refried beans, taco seasoned ground beef, cheese, tomatoes, black olives and green onion ....i would add taco sauce to make it spicccy!

I'm going to make everything on this site (that has 4 or fewer ingredients).

Cupcake - Egg & Ham

They’re Making Me Hungry

Shrimp Taco Bites - The shrimp is seasoned with salt, lime zest, and chili powder, the avocado is drizzled with fresh lime juice and a dash of salt and the sour cream is infused with smoky chipotle chilies in adobo sauce. Make baked cheese crisps and use as the base instead of tortilla chip scoops to make this low carb. Yumm! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

yum!! lasagna pie

Taco Cupcakes

Mexican Casserole Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Ingredients: 1lb ground beef 1 (1 ¼ ounce) package taco seasoning 1 (15 ounce) can refried beans 2 cups Colby jack cheese 1 cup salsa 1 (2 1/3 ounce) can sliced black olives (drained) 1 tomato (chopped) 2 cups corn chips (crushed)

Weight Watches Taco Casserole

chicken parm casserole

mini tacos - shredded chicken is the best

taco soup

Meatloaf Cupcakes 1

Four-Cheese Pasta Florentine