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  • Pop Culture Alice

    #Rupert #Grint #Ron #Weasley #Harry #Potter #redhead #ginger #actor #british

  • Juliana Boswell

    rupert grint. my future husband, true ginger lovin!

  • Mindy Zielinski

    well duh, #Rupert #ronweasley #love

  • Brent Merrill

    #RupertGrint. Ron, Fred, and George always have and always will be my favorite chracters in Harry Potter.

  • Isabelle Regan

    ok i am a red head however i never thought guys with red hair to be attractive until now!!! RON WEASLEY!!!!

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That feeling when...

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Um this picture is hilarious! I'm not ever going to watch this movie but I just think this pic is funny

Friends v. How I Met Your Mother WEIRD!

  • Laura Ligler

    they say there are no new ideas...

  • Natacha Dozier

    Friends is so much better!!!!

  • Tim Norton

    Who didn't put that together in their own already? I thought it was like following a recipe.

  • Brennan UsagiOjou

    It's actually a trope called "Follow the Leader". One show becomes popular, so they use the same formula over and over again, because it's tried and true. So yes, it is "like a recipe".

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true friendship... Thank God I have some of these. And, oh how I love them!

Sometimes I wonder if I ever cross your mind, then I laugh at myself for even wondering if I do.. of course I do, I'm the shit.

What if Spider-Man's super power was shooting spiders out of his hands. No one would ever commit crimes.

Hehehe. Id have some fun. And id turn people I like into unicorns with my magical self and then the world would be rid of idiots and filled with magical psycho unicorns. The good kind of psycho though not the serial killer kind.

Lol haha. Thats my type of person. Scare everyone and make it funny while doing it.

I'll never get out of the dentist chair the same way ever again.

You actually can turn off the sound on microwaves, so, yeah, there's that. But yes to all the rest.