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Live Sand Dollars by thelivingdead531, via Flickr:

Sand dollars are sea urchins It’s true – sand dollars are a type of sea urchin. Rather than having long pointy spines, sand dollars have short, fuzzy spines on the outside of their shells.

Blue! I'm so in love!

Sea shell, sea shell by the sea shore.er no it's - "She sells sea shells by the sea shore. The shells she sells are sea shells I'm sure"


Himba usually wear leopard cones but sometimes they'll wear a Marbled Cone - Conus marmoreus. These snails are venomous, like all cone snails. Its venom is highly potent, and one drop can kill more than 20 men.


She sells sea shells on sea shore. Absolutely love this collection of jewel coloured seashells! Little treasures washed up!


19 bizarre and beautiful starfish species

Sea Urchin #Shells #Sesshell

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Love the beach & these beautiful shells!

Rose Pink Murex Shells Priced per Dozen by Shell World by Shell_World These shells remind me of a shell my aunt and uncle had on a table in their hallway. I'd always put my ear up to it to hear the ocean :)