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English Bulldog

kitten ♡ ....looks like a pix of Mom or maybe the Kit-Kat he/she will become...♥♥♥ ..on 'his/her' back? ...want to

Litter Size of Siamese Cats

Funny Animals pics 2015 (01:33:38 AM, Wednesday 11, February 2015 PST) – 12 pics

Why kids need dogs

Top 10 Most Lovable Dogs in the World. Isn't he the modt adorable dog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok seriously?! what a laugh he has!

Boxer dog bed by Big Barker | Perfect for big dogs like boxers. See more pictures at

October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Animal Month. Adoption Saves Lives, and One of Those Will Be Your Own. Love Awaits You :-) Please Adopt.

little chihuahua

Today I feel good!!

Hilarious Struggles Only Dog Owners Will Understand


Polar bear snuggles

OHHH..Ptokicu lila co!!! (cute elephant!) I loves them you know...they have strong family ties and they are wise and kind and excellent parents!

Pretty In Pink


For all my friends with doggies!

Kids and animals - Precious

{ salmon-crested cockatoo }



White Peacock - Gorgeous !