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Why are we so hard on movies from books? Everything starts with the written word. Is it not flattering to a book that one wants to bring it to life in yet another format? I do agree some books are far better than their movies but I actually know a couple movies that for me exceded the pages of the book.

Stacks of Books Crushing You - 50 Watts

50 poems by e. e. cummings "or if your wish be to close me,i and my life will shut very beautifully,suddenly as when the heart of this flower imagines the snow carefully everywhere descending;"

19 Hipster Book Titles That Are Too Mainstream To Exist: The Selfie of Dorian Gray

Elena Giavaldi | Knopf – Arvio

ee cummings. It is rare if I can get through one of his poems without crying. So emotive, so painfully human.

I still prefer the million-dollar version Natalie Portman once held, but this is cute too. Unfortunately 1. My friends will shoot me if I buy any more Kate Spade and 2. Clutches are dumb/tiny.