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Wait does that mean he didn't purposely have it shaved...? Or is he just joking cuz he's probably heard some people say they don't like it?

Okay not even going to address the "21 pilots" thing because I just don't have time for uncultured swines right now but the "all my friends are eating steak and snow" really? reALLY?? What do they think the next lyric is "wait for them to tell you when it's cold"??? Or something, like no. Just... Just leave........ I'm sorry, I just get mad at people like this sometimes.... *sigh*

It will also have motion sensors so every time a person walks past the grave it blares Stayin' Alive

Can we just take a minute to thank God for Shawn? He is the reason I am still here today. Shawn, if you are reading this, know that I am beyond fangirling I am literally in love with you and I wouldn't be alive without you. I love you. ❤️Abby Lou ✌️✌


court ♡ on

Honestly guys you have helped me through so much in my life and I could live forever and never be able to thank you enough. You inspire people everyday that it gets better and that everything will be okay. Xx