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hunger games vs twilight

Oh god. How could you compare Hunger Games to Twilight? Same people who compared Twilight to Harry Potter? the Hunger Games has character building/good plot/excitement. Twilight has NONE of this.

-Katniss Everdeen;the hunger games:)

"I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun." - Katniss Everdeen, the Hunger Games

Not going to lie... this is absolutely the BEST quote out of the ENTIRE Hunger Games trilogy... :)

"Don't expect us to be too impressed, we just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear." -Boggs- This quote cracked me up. Only thing that made me laugh while our AC was out for five days. Not fun.


But also I thought they said Panem was North America. Katniss said something about they used to call this land North America

NO! it means we take the oppotunity to teach the younger generation what a terrible race we can be and TRY to teach them compassion and fairness.

"Hello, I love the Hunger Games! But I hate the people in the Capitol- because they love to Watch the Hunger Games.

When I read it I was just like what? And I had to reread it and I was like oh Katniss is just having a nightmare. But no!!

No, I didn't expect Prim to die. Yes, I had to reread this scene 3 times to process it.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Well, Answer Her

Do you wanna go and play? I never see you anymore come out the door it& like you& gone away! We used to be best buddies, and now were not. What am I gonna do! Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn& have to be a snowman. (Haymitch) & away Katniss& Ok bye.

And that he lives and Panem which is Latin for bead and participates in the HUNGER Games.

"hunger games: peeta mellark & pita bread" *facepalm* what do you think he was named after people? Everyone in the series is named after something relating to them.

Unlike the Lightning Thief...

It didn't stick THAT closely to the book, but they got is as much as they could so I'll acknowledge that. I thought the movie was pretty good, but as always, the book was better.

Yes! It might have been really disturbing, but it really showed how messed up the Capitol is. I really wish they'd put it in there.

Rat Race

Hunger Games Problems The movie was actually pretty accurate. As disappointed as this made me, if a bad representation of the mutts was the price for a good rest of the movie, I'm more than happy to pay it.