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Love is spending the rest of your life with someone you want to kill, and not doing it because you'd miss them.@Jenn L Milsaps L Milsaps L Vanderpool.. You and Stefan!


I'll remember it...

I should know better with my horrible memory.


Why I don't want kids.

This is so true!!


Every time.

My life. And then I ask Rachel to draw "a classy guy in a peanut suit going to a zoo to see zebras but they turn out to horses." and it would make Picasso jealous -________-


Why did I unfriend you?

my reasoning exactly, true story.


Can you skip class today?

Can you skip class today flowchart - i should've known this one existed when I was in college. Wouldve made my life easier :)


This is my song!

Wait, this is my song. Re-Pin if you've interrupted a conversation when your favorite song came on! Totally me :)