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  • Heather McBreen

    Team GB. #TomDaley , Chris Mears & Jack Laugher and diving is suddenly my have sport

  • Bekah Ramsey

    British Boys>>> yum, Tom Daley ;)

  • Eva Röben

    Calvin klein Great Britain diving team Tom Daley, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears.

  • Bethany Adkins

    "Tom Daley and the british mens diving team" Bristish guys REALLY love Calvin Klein..... :b hahahah!

  • Mickelle Fenley

    Football players... eeh. Baseball players... ok. Soccer players...pretty good. But divers... yum. That's where it's at. :) OOO BABY!!! (:

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Tom Daley, British Diving Team, I'm obsessed with him

Hey guys, I just wanted you to meet my future husband. Tom Daley. Then I'd be Bailey Daley. Hahahaha (:

I'm sorry about all my Tom Daley pins....actually, no i'm not cause he's friggin hot so its more like you're welcome:)

Tom Daley. For the love of all things holy, go Brits go.

I will be watching diving this year! London 2012

Hello Tom Daley. "stop showering with your clothes on" lol you are too hot please leave no wait stay lol ok

Well I must kiss you since you are under the mistletoe ;)

Alexander Ludwig!!! (Cato from The Hunger Games)

i didn't realize that's what you had under there....points!! Lots of points! But for the record, I've ALWAYS been team Peeta :)

Tom Daley believes I can pass this calc quiz tomorrow. Because he believes in me, I do too.

Yes Tom Daley, Merry Christmas to you too.