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Found a way to speed up highrise moves in Vegas. Think OSHA will approve?

Warning: If You Are Afraid Of Heights Or Are Prone To Motion Sickness Don't Watch This Video!

The Bridge of Death, Snowdonia, North Wales

World’s Tallest Water Slide …

32 Photos That Will Make Your Stomach Drop ---I see it as 32 Photos Of People Living Life To The Fullest. :)

Trolltunga, Norway

In Las vegas....spins while dangling over the edge.

A fearless worker on the unfinished Golden Gate Bridge, 1935

Cliffside Path, China

Most Dangerous Tourist Hiking Trail 2 - The Most Dangerous Roads in the World. T2: I have no words for this.

The world's most dangerous road from La Paz Bolivia across the Andean Cordillera into the Amazon lowland

Extreme Parkour

Alex Honnold resting on a narrow ledge, free soloing the 2,000 foot tall northwest face of half dome in Yosemite

Concepcion. 5.13. Day Canyon, UT. One day!! #rock #climb #trek #hike #travel

Nope. This 40-foot-long sliver of granite on Half Dome, named the Thank God Ledge, is the only way to get beyond the Visor, a massive roof that looms over the Regular Northwest Face route. Most people crawl, says Alex Honnold, but he prefers to walk it, face out, since that’s “cooler.” The 30 seconds it takes to get across requires absolutely no technical climbing skill, but even Honnold admits it’s sobering to look at 1,800 feet of air

Thunersee, Switzerland-- not for the faint hearted....

World's most dangerous hiking trail - Mount Huashan in China - Imgur

The first one-arm handstand on Earth to be performed at nearly 2000 feet above a fjord

A Scenery Coffee Shop Along The Amalfi Coast Road, Italy

Free Climbing a Baunei, Sardinia - Sardegna, Italy

St John the Prodrome’s Monastery - Arcadia, Greece (by Yiannis_the greek).

Legs over High Tor by Paul Hill, 1975

Yosemite National Park, California | Incredible Pictures