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Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

Not just only a lovely sandwich maker, also a wonderful gift for hello kitty lovers. Prepare your desired hello kitty shaped sandwiches in minutes with this sandwich maker and make surprised your hello kitty lovers friends.

can you imagine? part of me wants these. but not seriously. i just want to entertain the idea of owning them, just for a second. there. okay, done. well, i still think they're downright amusing!

Princess Leia Apron

With two suns, it's always a hot day on Tattooine and some summers feel the same on Earth. Keep the heat and other hot stuff coming off your cooking surfaces onto you and your clothes with our Princess Leia Apron!

Hair Tie Bracelet by bittersweet

Carry a hair elastic on your wrist in a way that’s elegant AND keeps your wrist indent-free.