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Fungal spores and their secreted metabolites create these colourful growths. Spores sampled from the air during springtime in Rehovot, Israel

Arranged Diatoms on Microscope Slides in the California Academy of Sciences Diatom Collection by california academy of sciences geology

Wonderful collection of Birds Nest fungi...when raindrops hit the 'eggs' they pop out and explode their spore out into the air.

Chrome Bolete - (Tylopilus chromapes) Tylopilus is a large genus of around 75 species of mycorrhizal bolete fungi separated from Boletus. Most species are found in North America, such as the edible species Tylopilus chromapes. Members of the genus are distinguished by their pinkish pore surfaces.

Phase contrast micrograph of spore formation and release in Aspergillus, an ascomycete. Fermentation by certain Aspergillus species is involved in the production of soy sauce. Image by Spike Walker