Lord, grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are, courage to maintain self-control, and wisdom to know if I act on it, I will go to jail!

Stupid tree...lol

Amen to that!!!!


Retail pharmacy:dealing with the public. I can relate!

Hahahaha okay, this one is funny.



fuckin right!

Every time I say, 'Life can't get more fucked up than this,' Life replies... 'Challenge Accepted.'

Funny Confession Ecard: God grant me the serenity not to kill every single one of these motherfuckers.

Oh, I'm a Pacifist, alright. I'm about to pass a fist across your face.

I just couldn't help it! This is HILARIOUS!!!

I don't want to leave my house. Everyone is so stupid out there.


this seriously made me laugh so hard

I'm not a stalker. I just like to secretly take pictures of people with my iPhone so I can text them to my friend and have a good laugh.

Yep! Lol


Funny Confession Ecard: Good judgment comes from experience, and experience ~ well, that comes from poor judgment.@ http://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/MjAxMi0wZTNiMzEyZWZlZmExYmNi

omg this is my life.