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What is Mindfulness? We hear people talking about it but do we really understand what it means. Dr Barbara Mariposa explains.

If youre a seasoned mom who woke up one morning and suddenly wondered, OMG, how did I get here?and then cringe, you just might be experiencing what is commonly referred to as Empty Nest Syndrome.

'Empty nest syndrome' is something all parents face sooner or later. When your children are old enough to fly the coop and start life on your own, life can change for parents drastically. Usually empty nest syndrome resources are focused on couples, offering relationship advice for what can be a strained period in a marriage. But what about single people? Empty nest syndrome can be just as troubling and traumatic for singles-- if not more so. Special Issues Single Empty Nesters Face

8 Tips for Empty Nest Moms - I remember it like it was yesterday that sickening feeling that I was no longer a mom (I was, but I wasn’t). That was when I realized that I was experiencing "Empty Nest Syndrome." Once I learned how to deal with it, I came away with a better understanding of who I was. You can to. Learn how you can overcome ENS with ease and grace... #parenting #emptynest #kids #dialmformoms