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How to teach colors to a toddler: "I read this article, changed my method, and was amazed when a week later my 18 mo. old knew his colors backward and forward. Even if you're not trying to teach colors, read this article from Scientific American, its fascinating!"

10 2-Minute Activities for Toddlers

Baby Play activities for 6 to 18 month olds

fishing for magnetic letters in the bath tub -- great activity for winter days. This site has SO many fun things for kids to do!!

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40 Ways to Keep a Toddler Busy Oh, I am loving this site!

Oh how boys love their cars! Based on all the fun we've had with our boys we've compiled a huge round up of all our favorite games, activities, and toys that have to do with cars. Enjoy!

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"Quiet Time Bins" for Each Day of the Week + a list of 24 things to put in them!

Crafts & Activities for BOYS

A quick busy activity for young kids - an indoor sandbox. Edible for babies and toddlers too.

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So good. Tips for Toddler Discipline without SHAME.

Advice on How to Get Your Toddler to Listen

Growing A Jeweled Rose: Toddler Chores

Keep toddlers busy with these hands-on activities.

Bored Jar: if a kid complains of boredom they have to pick a slip & do the activity, good or bad. It might be going for ice cream, it might be cleaning their room.