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Muffin Pan Fun and other toddler activities 12-18 months old

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fishing for magnetic letters in the bath tub -- great activity for winter days. This site has SO many fun things for kids to do!!

Toddler Box Drawing by ihearartsncrafts: Stick your toddler in the box and voila he’s occupied creating mommy a masterpiece! And it’s a lot better than having the drawings on your wall! #Kids #Drawing

10 Activities For Toddler Boys | I Heart Arts n Crafts

A blog all about fun for BOYS!

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100 Ways to entertain a toddler

brilliant! Turn the pack and play into a ball pit.

pipecleaners and strainer! (lots of good ideas for kids activities, homeschool, crafts on this blog!!!)

Ways to keep toddlers playfully busy

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Toddler activities!

Fantastic, fun color activities for babies and toddlers

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My son is waaay ahead he talks so good and can count to 5 and say his abcs :) smart boy♥ people r so amazed when i tell them hes only 1 :)

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