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The natural order of the animal kingdom.

Never...and I mean NEVER...hire minions off of craigslist.


He likes to hold his own feet.


Canadian Lynx have really big paws to help with walking in the snow.

Holy crap! I'm a wolverine!

This salad tastes like...I'd rather be fat.


Wish my cat had fleas, like normal cats.

Temperature Outside: Cat Willing to Sit in Water Bucket

What Did I Do?

Hoomin, pleez come heer and hand me my ball.

Treats? He doesn't want any. Said I could have his.

I hate court appearances. Especially for restraining orders filed by squirrels.

No more treats you say? Look at this and think again...

Good news human. My favorite treats are on sale!

Free hugs, one size fits all.

I'm in love with this tiger cub!

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First this dog, next you.