old pump

Stable Pump Water Fountain - Cute idea for the garden!

How to Make an Outdoor Water Fountain or Water Garden

aaahhh..so calm, so lovely..

She is so creative. Took a wheel barrel groceries shopping once because my dad had the car.

I love this old pump water feature and pond

old garden shed

This water feature is the very essence of found object art, made as from a table leg, a rusty bucket and iron remnants, probably from an old buggy. So cute to use in the garden!!

pump envy

every garden must have a fairy castle

Morning Glory Lights are solar-powered and make a lovely evening show. Our customers are loving them!

Cottage Garden..

Some gardening ideas and designs

Water feature

Garden art from your imagination

BHG flower garden

beautiful shed with garden art

Creative water features

Water feature

Stone slab patio