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How I Met Your Mother Finale Pics: One Last Group Hug - tvfanatics.com

The most legen—wait for it—dary event in TV history airs tonight with the hour-long finale of How I Met You…

My sweet baby... You are my lebenslangersschicksalsschatz... I have feelings of my heart skipping a beat when I see you.. I love you so much babe.. Can't wait to be yours...

How I met your mother quote - makes so sense whatsoever but still very sweet :)

How I Met Your Mother

All I Want is to have a regular beer at my regular bar with my regular friend in my regular city.

And that's how your aunt Robyn became an avenger

Come on Jessica, come on Tory, let's go to the mall we won't be sor-y. Lets go to the mall. How I Met Your Mother! I love Robin Sparkles more than about of today's real life pop stars.

And yes this song gets in my head all the time. #HIMYM

I said a bang bang bangity bang a bangity bangity bang

How I Met Your Mother  "Get Psyched Mix"

How I Met Your Mother "Get Psyched Mix" Awesome mix