I mainly repinned because I am OBSESSED with the dress!!!!!!!!!


remember this every single day for the rest of your life. marriage is a work in progress. it will never be perfect. but you promised to your husband to be there for him, and he promised to always be there for you. every single day. for the rest of your life. honor that promise.


This is absolutely wonderful.


So true. We know each others flaws n still love each other.

Dave Willis Marriage Quote DaveWillis.org

Cute for honeymoon! :) NEED THESE & the matching necklace :)

AMEN to that!


such a great idea

To have this <3

absolutely stunning.


Bridesmaids vs. Groomsmen Flip Cup... this would be interesting!!!

So true! I saw you working for my dad & never thought you would be an important person in my life! Love you Adrian Loma!


invite all of the married couples onto the dance floor. The DJ announces years of marriage in five-year increments and the couples sit down when they hear theirs called. At the end of the song, the couple that has been married the longest remains and provides words of wisdom for a long, happy marriage... Cute idea.