Bucket List: Get married once to the love of my life



remember this every single day for the rest of your life. marriage is a work in progress. it will never be perfect. but you promised to your husband to be there for him, and he promised to always be there for you. every single day. for the rest of your life. honor that promise.


AMEN to that!

So true please go to tumblr posts by Jennifer Johnson

Dave Willis Marriage Quote DaveWillis.org

amen. this isn't being picky, is it?

We just finished this and it really sparked a lot of great conversations and some other questions we wanted to ask. Some of it was fun and silly but a lot of it was very serious and it was a super insightful experience to share.

This is absolutely wonderful.

Marriage... love you, Mike

Haha <3

Wedding dress

Good for reading at a wedding ceremony or just a great quote to remember

praying together before wedding... this is a must

I love my fiance :D hes mine and im his...he is perfect,hes one of a kind, & hes the reason for my smile!!! :D hes everything i ever dreamed of and i thank god everyday for blessing me with a good faithful, intelligent & handsome man :))

Your character is very important as it shows who you belong to...

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