Floating paper lanterns, so cool!

Snowy Morning, Sweden

Floating lights

Sky Lantern Festival, Taiwan

floating lanterns

This picture is taken somewhere in Poland but I saw paper lanterns released into the sky after a wedding while in Jamaica and it was awesome!! Definitely want to do this sometime!!

His Beer - Her Beer - not OUR beer! Let's get this straight people!! $34 set

surreal! não tem nada a ver com festa de criança, mas...

Pingsi Sky Lantern festival 2007

Floating Lantern Festival, Thailand. This is definitely going on my bucket list! Reminds me of tangled!

i HAVE to see this...

Every year during late May thousands of people gather on the Ala Moana Beach in Hawaii to attend the annual Lantern Floating ceremony. Each lit lantern carries a message from the heart and it honours the loved ones that passed on. Last May over 40 000 of them were released to the ocean with the glorious sunset in the distance.

love the lighting and drapery in the tent

25-pack of Wish Lanterns - $69.99 they burn for about 12 minutes and they rise up nearly a mile in the air. The site says: "After release and flight, the Wish Lantern will self-extinguish and float gently to the ground, where the rice paper will biodegrade, and the very thin wire at the bottom of the lantern will rust away in the rain." how AMAZING would this be?!?

wedding colors *Love the "off" color of purple.