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They also need a home and are just as loveable and loving as other furry friends! Give them a chance.

Save a life. Adopt a shelter dog! Rescue, Foster, Transport, Volunteer, Donate! I could put this into my "things we do in carroll county" board as well! CC Humane society IS a kill shelter

Adopt a shelter dog! I could put this into my "things we do in carroll county" board as well! CC Humane society IS a kill shelter

Don't buy from pet stores. You are supporting this if you do! Instead, RESCUE, RESCUE, RESCUE one of the millions of dogs needing a forever home!!!!!!!!!

Stop puppy mills don't buy from pet stores adopt from a reputable animal rescue, animal shelters or humane societies!


Some people don't understand why we help animals in need. We don't understand why they wonder. - via Unicorn Haven

Any breed at any age can be found via a rescue group or a shelter.  There is NO excuse to buy from a store or breeder.

Please adopt and stay away from pet stores. Never support a breeder or pet store. No excuses.


I love dogs soooo much, i wish i could bring every single one home from those awful kill shelters, to love them for ever and always

Give the love you gave me to another.

My family has always had purebreds but someday I want to rescue a dog . although I will miss the puppy years.

"Older dogs...They still need our Love!" We've adopted two cats that were six years old and now a dog that's 3 ish. They have so much love to give ❤️❤️❤️

Adoption Tips

older dogs love everybody.no way would I choose a puppy over an older dog. Save a life. Rescue an older dog.

Support your local shelter

Adopting a dog or cat not only means you saved their life, it may mean they saved you! Give a furkid a chance and ADOPT for Christmas and furever! *We have 2 adopted dogs and they're the best!

Open your eyes and pay attention to what is happening around us!

The Angel's Army United's photo - Killing me for space is NOT euthanasia.