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I can imagine someone feeling this way. Personally, I almost wish there were anyone that would actually care enough to ask. There are only a couple people at church that even know me well enough to know I'm battling to get through a day.

What it’s like to have sensory overload. If someone were to come to you and start poking you in the arm, it wouldn’t be too bad…at first. But, if they continue to poke your over, and over, and over, eventually you would hit a breaking point. That is how incessant noise and sensorial stimulation affects me. It doesn’t bother me too much at first, but after a while I WILL break down.

Sometimes I feel so many things at once I want to vomit. my life in one pin.

Sometimes the deepest wounds show no scars.

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True. I hate feeling this way... but people keep proving the statement right over and over

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Isn't that the truth!   Or during the week, it's hard to roll out of bed, but on the weekend, I wake up at the time my weekday alarm would ring.....so frustrating!

At night, I can't sleep. In the morning, I can't wake up. My Life story!

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I really feel this way because its hard for me take on the day when I can barely function mentally( not depressed, but loosing my thoughts) can barely stand up straight, this makes me just want to go to sleep and hopefully escape some of the agony.

24 Things You SHOULD Know About Mental Health

Your brain on depression~ PET scan shows hot spots of increased activity in the brain of a non-depressed person. (Depression is not a sign of weakness or negative personality. It is a major health problem and a treatable medical condition)

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So I was recently diagnosed with moderate depression. And it hit me! I always just shrugged it off as hormones.

Or it’s when you never are aloud to love something

Or it’s when you never are aloud to love something

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