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  • Ray Lau

    Illustrations by Ashley Mackenzie | Cuded

  • Olga Ert

    Sketch commission of a gorgon. After so much line-work with tattoos and sketch commissions over the past few weeks I’ve been dying to do more with tone and this was the perfect outlet.

  • Ellen Chiang

    by Artist Ashley Mackenzie

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Leilani Bustamante. In Japanese culture, the rabbit represents a woman's sexuality. Allegedly. I'm not an expert or anything.

less hair more defined snake bodies and more snakes on top but i really love this one

I think this is what medusa, a Gorgon, would really look like

Everyone's favorite Gorgon from Grecian a doorknocker.

medusa Once a beautiful woman Medusa was raped by Posidon. Athena changed her into a Gorgon as punishment. She was later murdered.