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Juice from half a lemon and 1 egg white. Mix. Apply to face for 30 mins. Wash with warm water. Apply normal moisturizer. 3x a week.

1. Mix baking soda with coconut oil and use as a scrub under your arms. 2. Gently scrub in small circular motion to get rid of the dead, rou...

Vicks for stretch marks ?

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how to whip coconut oil- great for lotion, even stretch marks!

Use once a week-doubles hair growth. Combine 1 tsp. honey, 2 tsp. olive oil and 1 -2 tsp. coconut oil w/one half mashed avocado. Massage into dry hair, wait 10 to 15 min, shampoo/condition as normal

20 Frugal Ways to Use Coconut Oil in your diet, to make homemade natural remedies, and to make natural beauty and body care products

TTO is the best acne treatment I've EVER used. Here's how to use tea tree oil for acne.

Would you like sparkling white teeth but without the high price tag or time commitment? This homemade tooth whitener is effective, inexpensive, easy to make, and easy to use. Combine just four ingredients and within a few minutes you’ll have a powerful tooth whitener that will help brighten your pearly whites.

Conditioning Coconut Milk Hair & Body Wash Tutorial DIY Natural Baby Shampoo

DIY Salve for Stretch Marks

Get rid of acne forever! Warm your face with hot compresses to open pores, soften dead skin cells and soften sebum. A hot compress is just a rag with very warm water. When oils heat, they soften and easily wash off. Rub honey all over your face. Do another hot compress. Mix honey, powdered oats (powder some oats in a blender) and baking soda and use as a scrub. Add water as needed so the mixture is not sticky. Rinse. Blot dry. Rub on a bit of coconut oil to moisturize. Done.

Fade stretch marks

Coconut Oil for Acne | The Nourished Life I've been using coconut oil as makeup remover & cleanser for face & body. Love it. Seems to be clearing up my skin.

Uses For Coconut oil

My little secret...THIS STUFF REMOVES STRETCH MARKS! Long story short- I got tired of the stretch mark lotions not working after my pregnancy, and found out this has coconut oil and extract as the top ingredients (the stuff that makes them go away)...I've been using it and my stretch marks are about 90% gone! Just put a little on before you go to bed, shower it off in the morning...exfoliate...and put on a skin firming lotion (I like Neutrogena) for the day.

DIY Scalp treatment for those harsh winter months that dry out your scalp. #essentialoils #organic #beauty

Make your own face masks & scrubs. 25 recipes for 6 different skin types.

Made this last night, Nov 1, 2014. It's amazing n silky smooth. I used it on my whole face, why not right!!

How to use coconut oil to combat premature skin age spots -