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Behavior Reflection & Apology Letter

Behavior Reflection & Apology Letter This could be written without the form depending on the age. Educationfrom Education

3 Think Sheets for Students Who Break the Rules

Think Sheets

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Free Anger and Feelings Worksheets for Kids

Anger Map, Great for Anger Management!

Behavior Think Sheet. I used something similar to this with some of my students who needed time away from the situation to settle down before discussing the problem with me.

Think sheet. Have the student fill this out when they have broken a classroom rule or hurt the feelings of another student, have the student reflect on their behavior and then fix the situation. I like this because it lets them think of alternatives rather than just apologizing and moving on. It also is a communication to the parents about behavior!!

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Consequence Calculator

Consequence Calculator

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Transportation Day for Kindergarteners

We like this breakdown on goal-setting for the beginning of the year: Challenge kids to identify personal, academic and behavior/social goals.

When a child is unfriendly in class, they have to pick a random act of kindness. This is a great tool for redirection than disciplining and compliments the kindness tree.

Sheet for when kids come in after play stressed about 'issues' that have happened outside. Good to keep as a record, for giving some 'cool down' time, getting all sides of the story and also allows teaching to continue uninterrupted, 'til you're ready to deal with it