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Anyone?  Anyone?

Missy from Texas, has told us that she has a serious genetic issue. She inherited the yarn stockpiling gene from her mother and passed it on to both her daughters! Missy is very brave to come out and tell the world about her affliction.

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To Knit Or Not To Knit? ... if that's your question, then you're missing the point ;-) — Tile Coaster $10

To Knit Or Not To Knit Tile Coaster

Now, that's just a silly question. Of course, you're going to knit! A cute design in pink, green and purple with a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles on apparel and more gifts for a knitter.

So many patterns, so little time

Nothing truer has ever been said. Other than my little saying: 'my pattern to do list is longer than my lifespan.


I have about 30 unfinished projects at the moment. shhhh Crochet, Knitting and Fiber Humor

I guess that sums it up...

Soft yarn, warm yarn/ Little ball of fluff/ Happy yarn, pretty yarn/ I can never have enough!