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    • Kate Brown

      I can't help but literally laugh out loud whenever I see this. I would be this babysitter, but only for friends and family.

    • Jillian Laham

      I am dying laughing right now. Completely inappropriate, but harmless. HAHAHA! That's what you get for letting your dude friend babysit your kid, I guess ;P

    • Ashley Jackson

      okay, I'm pinning this for two reasons... 1. it made me laugh, really hard! lmao. 2. important reminder to make sure you choose the right babysitters.... even if they are your friend. lol.

    • Danger Urias

      Best friend ever!!! Yesssss, I know laughing is mean but still, that is a pretty funny pic.

    • Jennifer Miller

      Seriously just laughed at this for a good minute or two...any friends need a babysitter??

    • C.

      #funny #lmfao #baby #babysit #oven #omg #wtf #friends #haha #kids #children

    • Dalia Iniguez

      Never leave your kid with friends! Look at the poor babies face

    • Brooke Cummings

      GIGGLES 98!!! *06/17** - CafeMom

    • Aubree Ayris

      Funny stuff

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    his face is priceless.

    Hahahahahaha :)))))

    Hahaha omg I love jt!

    Frowned upon in this establishment!!!

    She is Hilarious!

    Hahahahaha it's true

    I can't stop laughing.

    This is hilarious!!

    We're True Friends.

    This is totally my parents...

    Childhood photos recreated- omg these are hilarious

    Hahaha. I love 1D, and actually know what the weird "smiling" thing is, but this is HILARIOUS!!!!! And I think even 1D would appreciate the humor😂😂

    Laughing so hard. I can't wait to be an elementary school teacher. I kind of hope my students have this kind of sense of humor.

    hahahahah oh god this is hilarious

    Another one, ash =]

    Baby Handling Techniques dying laughing! So funny!!!! This needs to be a poster at all OBGYN offices!