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I saw this idea here on Pinterest made on chart paper...so I made my own "Poster"...I LOVE IT!

Just another bit of spunk and a hint of classroom management. This creative poster is a way to insure that your students are always looking thier best. via valerie noles

Monday Made It - Classroom Management

Monday Made It - Classroom Management

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All Things Upper Elementary: Fifteen Ways to Give Positive ClassDojo Points: Guest Poster, Flapjack Education Resources

Fifteen Ways to Give POSITIVE ClassDojo Points. Classroom Management with Class Dojo. Great reminders on ways to encourage students.

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Behavior. This is a good way for students to start understanding your expectations of them in your classroom. This is also getting the parents involved so they know your expectations. The only problem is that it is in only english. It may be helpful to make it in spanish also.

Classroom Management, also good for student self monitoring: Making Smart Choices sheet - Behavior note that has student taking personal responsibility.make room for a description, hand written by the child.

The Creative Apple: The Privilege Jar perfect thing to add to the Friday box!

Could this be one of my rewards? They can draw a reward from the jar? The Privilege Jar: Students create privileges! This might help encourage positive behavior when "spring fever" hits!

Give me 5! - hold up your hand and when that happens, the kids know they are to do 5 things:- Eyes on speaker- Ears listening- Bodies still...

And fits with glad, having a reason for raising hands to show attention. Free Give me - hold up your hand and when that happens, the kids know they are to do 5 things:- Eyes on speaker- Ears listening- Bodies still.

Growth Mindset (Primary Chalkboard)                              …                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Growth Mindset (Primary Chalkboard)

First week of school class bonding activity. Share poem and then have them come up with the "We...":

It's a lot like this to be a part of the JOURNEY. Beautiful quote for a classroom wall- would make an excellent gift for your student's teacher at the end of the school year.