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From this FP blog post: "A lot of the time we ignore the true callings of our body because emotions like stress very cleverly disguise our honest needs and turn them into dishonest actions..." Meaning, mindless actions, which are inevitably self-destructive. Focused breathing is the antidote. :)

What you like never does go out of style...but the style of what you like might change over the years Design Quote: Be Faithful to your own Taste | Love Chic Living

Lazy • Style School

God's Comfort for the Hurting

Studio Oh! The Grass Is Green Enough Guided Journal | zulily

Proverbs 26:1 ... Years ago God placed this verse in my heart. Now I finally understand why. God is so good.

Fun infographic about the heart valves, part of the incredible cardiovascular machine.


OMG, I'm flying via veryhilarious #Cartoon #Humor


1 Peter 3:3-4. Every girl should read this. :). Every girl should have this framed in their bedroom & bathrooms

"I can't put my arms down!!"

I laughed way more than I should have. The baby's faces!!! HahahahaHAHA!!!


A true hero…



Cowlicks. Just As I Suspected

Love this,Amen!!

Everyone Love Everyone

Baby Handling Techniques dying laughing!


Great kitchen decor.. super cute.. would be great in a red or darker color as well!

Need to adopt this mantra. Stand strong for your beliefs....If you don't stand up for will fall for anything. Protect children.... Minnesota politicians should be ashamed for not protecting marriage between a man and a woman.