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yard art inspiration...what a great idea for garden tools that have no more life in them.

"Grow your own avacado plant". Totally skeptical on this one (especially since they don't have any pictures of the plant actually growing, lol) but it'd be easy to try. LOVE avacados!

How to start and grow peach trees from seed (also nectarines and apricots) - have FREE producing fruit trees in 3-5 years! I lost one of my peach trees, only have one left (with the BEST peaches in the world ... I am SO doing this next year!)

Hundred-year-old Rhododendron Broughtonii...Gulp!

Lemons are just one out of many fruit trees that can be planted in pots.. this is how one might look like.

crosscut wood path from minimum10" dia. by 3" thick tree many small trees will be cut where the house will go...not all of it will go for firewood!

How to prune knock out roses--without trimming they get 3-4 feet tall and wide and that cuts down on the blooming

Deciduous Fruit Trees Apples (including crabapples), peaches, pears, plums, and cherries should be pruned in midwinter. Although winter pruning removes some of their flower buds, the goal in pruning fruit trees is to open up the tree to allow in more light for a better crop of fruit, rather than to get maximum bloom. Dormant pruning is especially important for apples, pears, and crabapples because pruning wounds during the growing season expose the trees to a bacterial disease call