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Katara: Does anyone else get the feeling that we're being watched? Sokka: Please, we're all alone out here. Aang: except for them. Sokka: Right, except for them.

and season one was only for the cabbage merchant, sokka, and foamy mouth guy... but mostly the cabbage merchant...

TW: Hobby by ~PochiMochi on deviantART

The relationship between these two was the actual best part of the second season.

:’) This is making me cry…seriously, I'm tearing up a waterbending bomb.<--- agreed and WHERE IS ZUKO HMMMMM is he alive

Toph is my favorite because she's blind is is still exceedingly more awesome than everyone else.

there are so many things about avatar I love. this is one of the big reasons :)

Zuko and his honor. The entire series he believed that he would find the avatar and restore his honor and in the end he did

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Aang: (about Sokka's sand sculpter ) Is that a blubbering blob monster? Sokka: No, it's Suki. ( insert stare ) Toph: Suki, we'll all understand if you break up with him over this. Suki: I think it's sweet.

Aang and Toph...Oh god what is my life I'm reading fanart from a KIDS SHOW! whatever