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mwahah i drew on my hand and it looks so legit! excuse my face i am sick right now hahaha credits @bangbangg

i wish i'd submitted this for the competition instead | credit: @rohinicupcake

Clink illustration print - rosy pink cheeks nerds kissing - perfect gift for your love, a wedding, valentine, or anniversary

IM BAAAAACCCKKKKK!!! Hey guys!!! Look! It's me Caroline :) I used to be on this board but some how I got kicked off. I'm back now!!!! Yay!!! I've been getting into digital art now, so I'll upload some later. IM SO GLAD TO BE BACK :D

Cosplayer-Artist-Reader I'm a person who is into A LOT of fandoms! You'll find Sherlock, LotR, Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, Kingdom Hearts, and anything else I re-blog/throw on here! So enjoy!