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Girl, awkward, ordained, fannish. Occasionally I have reactions to things I'm watching/reading. This is my blog thing. It is mostly things that make me happy or things that make me sad. There...

QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Favourite One Direction Album?


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Los 33 Mejores GIFs De Conejitos En Internet

Este conejito está JODIDAMENTE EMOCIONADO por recibir su zanahoria. | Los 33 Mejores GIFs De Conejitos En Internet

Helping with the house work.

Helping with the house work. @Aimee Driver, you should get Salem to do this

21 Adorable Baby Animals Who Are Addicted To Snuggling With Their Mom!

There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love, and baby animals know that just as much as baby humans. From manatees to koala bears, all of these animal mamas show so much affection for their babies…it’s almost TOO cute to take! Please SHARE these heartwarming mother animals snuggling with their babies with your mom (or kid)...

Kitty GIF<<why is this so cute?! <<< because it's a cat<<<duh like oh my gosh it's so cute!