Repurpose tomato cage for outdoor lighting! My tomato cage trees turned out awesome, so this is a great warm weather idea!!! ~ C.

metal lanterns on the steps

Turn a tomato cage into a gorgeous outdoor chandelier!

A cute set of simple Moroccan lanterns used outdoors in a garden. #Moroccan #Lanterns.

Tomato cage wrapped in lights. Cute on the porch! How SIMPLE!!

Outdoor lighting with mason jars. Kind of a cool idea. I think maybe even painting the outside of these different colors would make it look really neat at night!

tomato cage lanterns

Garden party at night; lanterns hang from tree branches, and rustic furniture with flowers and lace tablecloths give a charming and relaxed feel.

How to make a tomato cage bottle tree!

Distressed Window Frame Lanterns Small 8 x 16 x 6; Medium 11 x 22 x 8.5; Large 14 x 31 x 11.5 $48-$79

Deco Mesh Christmas Tree made with a Tomato Cage: Tutorial........... maybe I could do these with my tomato cages & use them in the garden as decorations over the winter!...HH

Turn A Mason Jar Into A Fairy Lantern - video tutorial at the link (This would work with any silhouette; such a fun idea!)

DIY: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas bulbs with candles or lights. ...I love the twine and branch. Awesome outdoor atmosphere

cage lights

Little Gnome Light Statue for the Garden. i've never taken to gnomes for some reason....but i do like this guy and what a grrreat lantern he is holding!!!

Grapevine wreath display made from an old tomato cage

Thin posts (tiki torches) along walkway with round lights or chinese lantern style stringers between. Up high enough to stop cats/dogs playing with them or people tripping over them, cemented into ground with rocks if you have a problem with things being dug up.

Tomato Cage Christmas Trees by Sowanddipity....just put my cages away from the winter....may have to drag them back out try this really neat and seemingly easy idea!!

Outdoor fireplace- this is just gorgeous

DIY Industrial Lamp from Tomato cage and light kit