tulips...::: Two-tone variegated Tulips are lovely. Lorr

Crocus tommasinianus 'Ruby Giant': Ruby Giant Crocus..3" tall. Early spring blooming. 'Ruby Giant' is a very vigorous and showy variety. You can't go wrong planting this one among yellow flowered bulbs. Also somewhat ground-squirrel resistant. Choice! 24 bulbs per bag | Zones 3-8(9)

Pretty croucus blooms in pink, purple, yellow, or white in early spring. More early-season flowers:

Plant bulbs in Fall for this spring bloom


Iris reticulata 'Harmony': Harmony' Miniature Iris..4" tall. Early spring blooming. A particularly strong spreader in the garden, 'Harmony' will create a carpet of bright blue in just a few seasons. 24 bulbs per bag. Zones 3-9

Ixiolirion tataricum Lavender Mountain Lily Item # 61030 each$5.99 Qty: DescriptionFacts 12-18" Tall. Early Summer Blooming. An heirloom bulb from the 19th century, Mountain Lily blooms in early summer with lily-like blue/dark blue striped flowers. Plant in hot sun in a lean, well drained soil along with Hymenoxys for a pleasing xeric display. 24 Bulbs per bag. Zones 6-9.

Brodiaea (triteleia) 18-24” tall. Early-summer blooming. A wonderful native wildflower bulb valued for its clusters of violet-blue, upward-facing flowers. ‘Queen Fabiola’ makes a long lasting cut flower. Easily grown in sunny beds with well-drained soils; great companion for Allium. 24 bulbs per bag. Zones 5-9

Start Early-Spring-blooming bulbs aren't the only source of start-of-the-season color; mix in a few early flowering perennials. Try tiny crocus in a bed of forget-me-nots, for example

Hyacinthoides 12-15” | Late Spring Bloom Enjoy a fine display of deer resistant wildflowers with this mixture of pink, blue and white bulbs. Bluebells are excellent naturalizers and are best in compost enriched soils under deciduous trees. Zones 3-8 | 50 Bulbs

This sky-blue bloom helps bridge the gap between spring bulbs and summer perennials.

Can't wait for these to bloom soon

♥ Crocus in the snow--One thing about living in the deep south is that the natives really do not have the joy of spring that follows a long, hard, snow-packed winter. Ah, to see flowers blooming through the snow!

Spring is coming! Perfection - "Crocus in the Snow" by Tom Carswell.

Leucospermum reflexum var. luteum flowers, gardening. Very unusual flower // Great Gardens & Ideas //

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1910 variety. Crocus vernus Twilight

Sparaxis flowers or Harlequin Flowers- There are thousands of these in my yard and I can't get rid of them.

spring flowers....

yellow pansies .... I love these little babies, reminds me of my Grandma's garden...