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    Red and yellow Tulips, L your whole family is together

    Crocus tommasinianus 'Ruby Giant': Ruby Giant Crocus..3" tall. Early spring blooming. 'Ruby Giant' is a very vigorous and showy variety. You can't go wrong planting this one among yellow flowered bulbs. Also somewhat ground-squirrel resistant. Choice! 24 bulbs per bag | Zones 3-8(9)

    Pretty croucus blooms in pink, purple, yellow, or white in early spring. More early-season flowers:


    Plant bulbs in Fall for this spring bloom

    Iris reticulata 'Harmony': Harmony' Miniature Iris..4" tall. Early spring blooming. A particularly strong spreader in the garden, 'Harmony' will create a carpet of bright blue in just a few seasons. 24 bulbs per bag. Zones 3-9

    "Crocus in the Snow" by Tom Carswell I have never seen this in Texas, but remember as a kid in the UK always loving it when they broke through the snow and bloomed!

    Ixiolirion tataricum Lavender Mountain Lily Item # 61030 each$5.99 Qty: DescriptionFacts 12-18" Tall. Early Summer Blooming. An heirloom bulb from the 19th century, Mountain Lily blooms in early summer with lily-like blue/dark blue striped flowers. Plant in hot sun in a lean, well drained soil along with Hymenoxys for a pleasing xeric display. 24 Bulbs per bag. Zones 6-9.

    Brodiaea (triteleia) 18-24” tall. Early-summer blooming. A wonderful native wildflower bulb valued for its clusters of violet-blue, upward-facing flowers. ‘Queen Fabiola’ makes a long lasting cut flower. Easily grown in sunny beds with well-drained soils; great companion for Allium. 24 bulbs per bag. Zones 5-9

    Hyacinthoides 12-15” | Late Spring Bloom Enjoy a fine display of deer resistant wildflowers with this mixture of pink, blue and white bulbs. Bluebells are excellent naturalizers and are best in compost enriched soils under deciduous trees. Zones 3-8 | 50 Bulbs

    This sky-blue bloom helps bridge the gap between spring bulbs and summer perennials.


    Can't wait for these to bloom soon

    ♥ Crocus in the snow--One thing about living in the deep south is that the natives really do not have the joy of spring that follows a long, hard, snow-packed winter. Ah, to see flowers blooming through the snow!

    Purchase daffodils in fall and they bloom in spring. The great thing about daffodils is that they multiply each year and turn into large clumps like this. Use them in meadows or in gardens.

    Leucospermum reflexum var. luteum flowers, gardening. Very unusual flower // Great Gardens & Ideas //

    1910 variety. Crocus vernus Twilight


    ....a flower shop....

    Pale yellow Pansies ... pastel delight #spring #Pansies #flowers