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Real funny animals – 5 pics Come and like also our Facebook page at for more awesome dogs :) Check out for cool Dog T-Shirts!

Although it is very true, with chivalry should be treated even the no lady-like women.

Migraine Illustrated - OMG YES! Except for me the spots kind of pulsate.

It's good to have a watch dog. You know, someone who can watch and tell you what happened.

Ahahaha why is this so funny? I think its his face!

Holidays: Bringing out the best in Family Dysfunction - Sign #PinAtoZ #holidays < #truth

Lets send each other pins!!! Anything we would like, or ideas for a new board!!! Who wants to send me some pins??

Every single time.. - Imgur

Side note: my guy rocks the housework big time but I though this was hilarious as an overall generalization. Sorry dudes, there are a few of you out there. HA!

Love that Kat Kitson saw this and thought of me :) So much truth.

It's International Women's Day! Let's burn our bras! Just kidding... My boobs are big and I need this.