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Entrelac Knitting tutorial

entrelac Here's the tutorial: http://knittyotter.typepad.com/otterknits/2007/03/entrelac_scarf_.html

Entrelac Knitting-tutorial

Very pretty stitch

whoa, that's neat!

Tutorial for entrelac knitting!

Entrelac Shawl with Tassels

.this would be neat in big tshirt yarn for a rug

neat dyeing technique

Really neat knitted dishcloths from dishcloths.

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How to Knit Entrelac - Beginner Video on Entrelac Knitting from Knitting...

Only knit and purl stitches are used to make up this herringbone texture knitting stitch

The first (and pretty much only) thing I learned how to crochet -- fingerless gloves. Wear 'em all winter long. Free pattern!

Knitting Entrelac Star * Knitting Entrelac in Rounds

Infant Boy's The Blueberry Hill 'Wilber Aviator' Knit

love this pattern